We have presented this project to educators searching for a structured environment for their review and use of webpages related to the utilization of the Internet for curriculum design and instruction. 

It's been over a decade.  Technology has changed and the information gathered here as links to webpages shows that evolution into different sites.  The original links remain and rss feeds to newer sites are added.

In the visitor's links below, suggestions to sites are included... keep us posted with new ideas.  We are always excited to hear from viewers like you.

Join us in the design of activities utilizing the Internet for instruction.  There are many free and opensource online tools available.  Check the various lists below to find them and get ideas.

Ultimately we look to build and nurture online learning communities of practice.   Let's develop new opportunities to explore the fullest potential of the Internet by offering educators opportunities to join classrooms around the world.


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 Join us in the development of projects utilizing the Internet for activities related to:


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Technology in Education

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