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The Smaller Learning Communities program Creating a Learning Organization. ERIC Digest, Number 121. Online bookstore for U.S. Government publications.
The Northeast Regional Resource Center (NERRC)
The Class-Size Reduction Program NCES publications Mass Dept. of Ed

The Advantages of Small Schools. ERIC Digests.



School-Wide Behavioral Management Systems. ERIC/OSEP Digest #E563.


Education and Development in Poor Rural Communities: An Interdisciplinary Research Agenda

Cultivating Resilience: An Overview for Rural Educators and Parents. ERIC Digest.


The ERIC Review issue on school safety and violence prevention.

Changing Schools through Experiential Education. ERIC Digest.


Urban Policies and Programs To Reduce Truancy. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 129.

Some Emerging Trends in School Restructuring. ERIC Digest, Number 67.

Project P.O.D.S.: Providing Opportunities for Developing Success. ERIC Digest.

Alternatives to Ability Grouping: Still Unanswered Questions. ERIC/CUE Digest Number 111.

Middle School Education--The Critical Link in Dropout Prevention. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 56.

List of 848 pre-1992 ERIC Digests



Meeting the Goals of School Completion. ERIC/CUE Digest No. 69.



Helping Middle School Students Make the Transition into High School. ERIC Digest.



Positive Uncertainty: A Paradoxical Philosophy of Counseling Whose Time Has Come. ERIC Digest.

Coping with Life Transitions. ERIC Digest.


Cultural Diversity and Teamwork. ERIC Digest No. 152.
  • career academies which offer students academic programs organized around a broad career theme. Classes directly relate to work the student has undertaken during the school year.




  • mentoring and other teacher-advisory systems in which teachers, counselors, other school staff, volunteers, and employees who work with the student serve as mentors to help students on an individual basis. Advisory activities may include helping students develop personal learning plans, introducing them to career possibilities, helping them choose which classes to take, and helping students plan for attending college or a university.


  • schools-within-schools and "houses" which operate within existing schools, reporting directly to the school district and not to the school principal. These programs have their own staff, students and budget. In addition, house programs have their own student activities, student government, disciplinary policies and social activities.



career clusters which help students by mapping out a curriculum that would provide the academic and technical education necessary for their particular field.


Career Academies: Educating Urban Students for Career Success. ERIC/CUE Digest, Number 84.


Empowering the Faculty: Mentoring Redirected and Renewed. ERIC Digest.

Strategies for Implementing the National Career Development Guidelines. ERIC Digest No. 117.


Retention-Attrition in the Nineties. ERIC Digest.

Teacher Mentoring: A Critical Review. ERIC Digest.

New Perspectives on Mentoring. ERIC Digest No. 194.
Teacher Mentoring. ERIC Digest #7.