Make your own free website on The San Francisco Study Center publishes and distributes multicultural curriculum materials, bilingual editions of Southeastern Asian folk tales and books of interest to human service professionals, nonprofit managers and educators under the names Many Cultures Publishing and Study Center Press. The Study Center also provides editorial and graphic design to services to other nonprofit organizations. The National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education (NCBE) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs (OBEMLA) to collect, analyze, and disseminate Information relating to the effective education of linguistically and culturally diverse learners in the U.S. NCBE provides information through its World Wide Web server and produces a weekly news bulletin, Newsline, and manages a topical electronic discussion group, NCBE Roundtable.

HTTP:// The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs (OBEMLA) is organized around three Regional Clusters (Eastern, Midwestern, and Western) that are coordinated with the Comprehensive Regional Assistance Center Network. The three Regional Clusters contain all programs and projects for Parts A, B, and C of Title VII. Clusters are organized by State and all projects contained in states are assigned to their respective clusters. States are assigned to clusters by factors such as LEP count and geographic location. Clusters include program specialists with collective knowledge of all Title VII programs. THE INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN ENGLISH ACQUISTION AND DEVELOPMENT (READ) is a national research organization that supports independent research in the acquisition of English-language literacy and effective schooling for limited-English proficient children in the United States. READ is committed to helping public schools meet the needs of the growing and diverse speech communities that make up our multicultural nation, and is in the forefront of the effort to reform bilingual education.

Within these pages you can find information about its students, their teacher, and areas of interest to both of them. Educators everywhere, as well as anyone who values early childhood learning, will find these pages very useful. We use English and Spanish to communicate with diverse cultures around the globe. What is TESOL? A profession.. The teaching of English to speakers of other languages is a professional activity that requires specialized training. The fact that someone speaks English as a native language does not qualify that person to teach it -- especially to those who are learning English as an additional language. TESOL is different from providing English language instruction for native speakers of English. It concentrates on the language and culture, not the literature of English. Welcome to the Bilingual Families Web Page. This page is intended primarily as a place for bilingual parents to find information and resources to help them raise their children bilingually. This page is maintained by Cindy Kandolf (, who is also list administrator for the Bilingual Families mailing list, biling-fam. If you would like to receive more information, send a message containing only the text info biling-fam to You will then receive a file containing information about the mailing list, including instructions for subscribing. LISTINGS ON BILINGUAL EDUCATION FROM the Ayer Company Publishers Web Site!! Electronic Textbook: Bilingual Education. Bilingual education is unquestionably a controversial issue. There are several people and organizations in this country who, for various reasons, are opposed to bilingual eduation. The purpose of this page is not to debate the issue, but to provide links to various information available on the Internet. This information includes current congressional policy on and guidlines for bilingual education. In addition, arguments in support of bilingual education from the standpoint of the student and the future of this nation. Following, there is information for those in several areas of interest in bilingual education. For example, for those interested in pursuing careers in bilingual education, there are a few universities with program information to be accessed, as well as information for students who may be eligible for federal funding. Educators interested in bilingual education program development may find it useful to look at the information on which types of programs are eligible for grants. Educatiors at the University level or graduate students may be interested to know that it is federal policy to support research which will furthur the quality of bilingual education. Individuals interested in pursuing research will want to look at which types the government may be willing to fund. For those directly involved in bilingual education there are several lists of resources that can be accessed through the internet. The purpose of this website is to provide educators, from pre-kindergarten to higher education, with commercial and non-commercial sources for multicultural and bilingual/ESL information, materials, and resources. The Clearinghouse Index provides access to companies and organizations who have indicated their willingness to be included in this database for educational purposes. Resources: Bilingual Education Sites -- This page serves three purposes. It is a reference page for Education 508: Structures and Strategies for Second Language Acquisition, taught at Southern Oregon University. It also is a means of sharing information with colleagues at Phoenix Elementary School, especially the teachers within the Dual Language Program. And, finally, it functions as my annotated Bookmarks. Any feedback or additional information will be gratefully accepted. Bilingual Education and ESL Links Promoting educational excellence and equity through bilingual education, the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) is the only national organization exclusively concerned with the education of language-minority students in American schools. This is the official website of the Pacific Bell initiative, Education First, and of Pacific Bell's umbrella program to benefit education, Knowledge Network. The Knowledge Network Explorer presents valuable information and applications of Internet access and of videoconferencing for educators, librarians, and others who would like to know more about issues affecting the schools and libraries in California.

Aquí tienen algunos lugares en el Internet donde se puede encontrar información en español. La mayoría son de México, de Centro América o de Sud América. Here are some places on Internet where you can find information in the Spanish language. The majority of the sites are in Mexico, Central America or South America. The California Technology Information Project (CalTIP) was implemented in 1993 to provide an on-line educational technology information resource for the California K-12 community. CalTIP now collaborates with the Schools of California On-line Resources in Education (SCORE) in the four major subject areas, the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP), the Telis Foundation and other projects to disseminate information from and for California educators. Technology Planning, Grants and Funding, and English Learners resources are the three major focus areas for the evolving project. These web pages focus on utilizing CNN news stories for educational purposes. Teachers can use the lessons for group activities and students can work at their own pace for individualized learning. A "Featured Story" is abbreviated, outlined, and edited for easier reading. Curriculum activities are also available. I put this page together primarily for my students at Fergus Falls Community College, but I hope it will be useful to anybody who stumbles onto it. My focus has been to provide links to internet sites that will be helpful in writing and conducting research. The internet links are compiled in seven categories: •Writing Resources •Internet Search •Research Resources •Newspapers and Periodicals •Literary Reference •Just for Fun •Contacting Your Legislator




This is a list of approximately 650 English/Spanglish/Spanish computer terms that I have been able to compile since 1995 with the aid of Net users like you. The goal of this site is to provide Spanish-speakers with alternative terms to English computer jargon. I recommend visiting the CyberSpanglish Web Site which explains this language phenomenon in more detail and has many related links. Dave Sperling Presents.... Where Learning English is Fun! For ESL/EFL Students and Teachers from Around the World Educom is a nonprofit consortium of higher education institutions that facilitates the introduction, use, and access to and management of information resources in teaching, learning, scholarship, and research. Educom believes that education and information technology (IT) will provide the most significant enhancements for human capability over the coming decade and that IT will have a fundamental impact upon education's ability to fulfill its mission. Welcome to Electronic School, the award-winning quarterly technology magazine for K-12 school leaders. Welcome to the second edition of EXCHANGE! The goals of EXCHANGE are • to provide an opportunity for non-native English speakers to express themselves through the use of English • to provide resources to enhance the learning of English • to create a unique source of knowledge and insight about different cultures. Frizzy University Network (FUN) is a relaxed and comfortable environment in which students learning English as a foreign or second language (EFL/ESL) can improve their writing. FUN students explore, discover and share their ideas, opinions and feelings in written English without the pressure of working for grades or credit. Here, students are motivated from within to learn and have FUN in the process! Contemporary's Working in English series is designed to help you teach your beginning ESL students how to communicate and function effectively in the world of work. These lessons are based on a set of books written by Lynne Robinson and Marianne Brems. These books are titled Working in English published by Contemporary Books of Chicago (180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60601). Through these books, students learn and use language they need to get and keep a job, as well as explore cultural issues relevant to the workplace. Students also practice problem solving and decision making, skills needed by all employees at every level. Working in English is appropriate for: •regular ESL classrooms •pre-employment and general VESL classes •workplace literacy programs Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links for Teachers of English as a Second Language On-Line Resources and Journals: ELT, Linguistics, and Communication This is the home of Vocabulary Universitytm Participate in these FREE vocabulary puzzles to enhance vocabulary mastery. Earn your diploma at VOCAB U. Teachers have endorsed these exercises to enrich classroom curriculum and to help prepare for the SSAT¨, PSAT¨, GED¨, SAT¨ and ACT¨. They supplement personal vocabulary acquisition in home-schooling and ESL programs. A Pedagogical-based System for the Evaluation of ESL/EFL Web Sites