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For the last few years we have presented this project to educators searching for a structured environment for their review and use of webpages related to the utilization of the Internet for curriculum design and instruction. 

Some of you have answered our call and we are excited to hear about your achievements and include your suggestions.

We are still asking educators to join us in the design of activities utilizing the Internet for language instruction since proficient use of the Internet requires English Language competencies. 

Our aim is to enhance the Spanish speakers' use of the infinite resources already available in the Internet by helping them build language competencies as well as webpage design capabilities.

New educational activities for all participants could be developed as webpages are built in both English and Spanish.

Our ultimate objective is to explore the fullest potential of the Internet by offering educators opportunities to join classrooms around the world in innovative activities.

Join us in the development of projects utilizing the Internet for activities related to:

School to Work

Language Instruction

Distance Learning Programs

Technology in Education

Concept Model
Internet Tutorials
Hypertext Language
(c) 1997-2002

Help us identify:

Best webpages in the Internet and
existing activities about Puerto Ricans in classrooms utilizing the Internet.



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